Summer Nasief is known for pushing the boundaries of change, in 2012 she became the first IBM Saudi female in the companies 100 year history to be appointed as the Healthcare Industry Leader where she was one of the first executives to hold such roles given the countries segregation laws, at that time she was one of 10% of women in the workforce.  Born to a Saudi Father and an American mother she was adamant to prove success and that gender balance is something that can not be overlooked in the countries future growth & prosperity.  Very quickly she become a prominent ambassador for change working with the Ministry of Labour and new enterprise cells empowering women to become active agents in the ever evolving Saudi female labor pool.


Awarded Middle East Leadership fellowship in 2014  headed by the prestigious  Aspen Institute recognising her game changing initiatives on a global  level and highlighting her as a role model and leader in the ever expanding Saudi’s human capital initiatives. 


Summer has a B.S.  from Boston university school of management and and is an alumni of the Harvard Leadership Program. 



Pushing the Boundaries of  GENDER Equality in Saudi Arabia  




Summer   Nasief





"Saudi Arabia can be a challenging climate to do business, especially if you’re female. One lady who has managed to balance the cultural tightrope is Summer Nasief, the first woman to run an industry in Saudi Arabia for a blue chip company." - Jessica Hill, The National



Summer Nasief